Damiano Lodi



Hi, I’m Damiano!

I am a physics graduate currently working at LEOS, where we research and develop single-frequency lasers for high-precision spectroscopy. Even though applied research is my main job, I have a strong interest in the business side of modern technologies, and I always enjoy learning about new innovative companies and startups. My main interest is geared toward innovation in technology and AI to address climate change and environmental conservation.

In my free time, I enjoy painting miniature models and tasting new teas from all over the world. This is my way to briefly stop nowadays frenetic life and reorganize ideas before going back to work with even more energy towards my goals.


  • Embedded Development
  • Data Science and AI
  • Electronics
  • Miniature Painting
  • Tea


  • MS in Experimental Physics (Nanophotonics), 2019

    University of Trento

  • BS in Physics, 2016

    University of Trento

Recent blog posts

How to Create and Execute a Command Line Script with Python on macOS (and Linux)

Python can be a very powerful replacement of Bash to write scripts that can used inside the command-line. Unfortunately, for the Python beginner, some non-obvious steps are required to transform a “normal” program into an executable script. This post will explain exactly how to execute a Python script from the command line explaining each necessary step.

Recent projects

Add Gitignore

The creation of .gitignore file is quite boring and error-prone. I tried to automate the creation process making a simple Python script that can be run from the command line.